Who is Whohn Brose?

We are Whitney Beyer and John Rose, but you can call us Whohn Brose! Since there is nothing quite like this unique word/letter salad, it might be helpful to know it’s pronounced like “wan” or “Juan” and “bros.” Just think of it as our celebrity name.

Hailing from the hipster paradise of Portland, Oregon—and no, it’s not just like that show Portlandia—we’ve decided the time has finally come to do that traveling thing we’ve always talked about. So, from March 28 to July 28, we’ll be overland trekking through the richly diversified isthmus that is Central America!

When Whohn Brose isn’t pretending to be expert travel bloggers on the internet.com, they can usually be found doing the kind of things that make people from outside of Portland mutter the words ‘damn hipsters’ under their breath. This includes, but is not limited to: riding bikes, taking hikes, and drinking local pints—and writing poetry, apparently!


The John in Whohn is a native Chicagoan—and not the kind that actually lived in a suburb but claims to have lived in the city. This fall, John will continue the process of initiating world peace by pursuing a law degree. He started that process through his work as an official for intramural and adult-recreation league sports.

The Whitney half of Whohn is a native Oregonian who was born and raised in Bend. As a digital marketer with a knack for project management and storytelling, Whitney spends most of her time herding kittens—both figuratively and literally if she’s lucky!

Together, John and Whitney are proud parents to a sassy and independent teenage cat named Molly. They have found moderate-to-poor success with community gardening, but have no qualms about self-identifying as green thumbs.



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